Q. Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can only be purchased through our site, available here.

Q. Can I buy tickets at the door?

You are welcome to purchase tickets at the door, but we recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure availability.

Q. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Ticket names cannot be changed, but with ample notice, we may be able to make accommodations. Please note: Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q. What is timed ticketing?

Timed ticketing allows you entry for a certain window of time, making sure the experience does not get too full! Using our ticketing link, you can navigate to which 30-minute interval of the day you would like to use to enter.

Q. What if I’m late to my time slot?

Late arrivals may not be permitted to enter WHIM unless capacity allows.


No, you don’t need a ticket to enter and enjoy a drink in our beautiful Lobby of Second Chances! Tickets to WHIM offer the full experience: a trip through our immersive exhibit, performances in the Enchanted Forest, and one complimentary cocktail – but tickets are not required to visit Whim.


Yes! Whim Chicago, the EXPERIENCE WHIM immersive exhibit, and the Enchanted Forest performance space are all compliant with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Standards for accessibility.

Q. How long can you stay at WHIM?

You are welcome to spend as much time with us as you’d like! EXPERIENCE WHIM takes about 30 minutes to complete, but the Lobby of Second Chances and Enchanted Forest are ready for you all night.

Q. Can kids go alone?

No. Anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Q. Do I need to wear a mask?

Guests are encouraged but NOT required to wear masks during their visit. Proof of vaccination is NOT required for entry into the exhibition.

Q. If I need to leave the building, am I allowed to go back in?

You are welcome to return to the Lobby of Second Chances or the Enchanted Forest, but individuals may only enter EXPERIENCE WHIM once.

Q. Is there parking available at WHIM?

Parking is limited in the area, so we strongly encourage the use of public transportation and ride shares. Street parking is available, but we do not have a parking lot and cannot validate parking. Reference this page for further information.

Q. Do you permit animals?

We welcome service animals, however, we DO NOT permit any emotional support animal (ESA) or pet and ask you to plan accordingly.

Q. Are there places to sit inside WHIM?

There is plenty of seating for individuals across a range of sizes in our Lobby of Second Chances and Enchanted Forest. EXPERIENCE WHIM does not contain seating.

Q. Can I rent WHIM for a private event?

Absolutely! We’re excited to plan a special event with you. Reach out with your inquiry to erin@stage773.com