Tarty Party

Vodka, fresh lemon and lime juice topped with lemon lime soda. Layered with our galaxy pea flower syrup.

Fluffy Punch

White rum, pineapple juice and house made raspberry syrup, cotton candy and a sidecar of lemon lime soda.

Yummy Tummy

Blood orange juice, gin, mint, rosemary, ginger, and turmeric. Topped with lemon lime soda

What is WHIM?

WHIM™ is the newest groundbreaking piece of experiential, immersive, and interactive theater coming to Chicago. While we’re not rolling out the full experience just yet, we are giving you a sneak peek! Our bar has been completely reimagined and the drink menu is like no other. The cherry on top? Snippets of the full WHIM experience will be on display to feed your imagination and build your anticipation!

This is just the beginning; we’re calling it Phase One.

Then what? Phase Two! You’ll be invited to step inside a world where all art forms come together to propel you through this fresh interactive playground. Experiencing UNFORGETTABLE moments in over 30 spaces that awaken your imagination.

Guarantee your spot at WHIM. Space is limited and reservations are recommended.

Getting To WHIM

1225 West Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

musicians, actors, dancers, and more!

An INTERACTIVE playground
created by hundreds of Chicago artists.

Bringing new ENERGY to
Lakeview’s Belmont Theatre District.